A local gem serving seasonal menus & brunch with award winning cocktails in the heart of South Kensington.

Publiq. is a restaurant and cocktail bar at the heart of Kensington, serving ever changing seasonal menus and cocktails using ingredients at the peak of their flavour! Here at Publiq., we are showcasing the beauty and allure of Modern European Gastronomy.

We offer distinctive culinary perspective through an experience that celebrates seasonal and regional ingredients.

With a heated, covered terrace (with blankets), we have a cosy ground floor lounge & bar as well as a hidden gem of a dining room which you can hire at your hearts content

Food that brings people together!

Aimed to be shared, our food is meant to bring people together around delicious and eclectic flavours that spark conversation. Our seasonal menu uses produce at the peak of their flavour from the best suppliers we know, who look after their land, our collective future, with flavour at the heart of what they do.



Brunch - Tasting Menu



Cocktails, Local Beers & Wines

Quench your thirst with our award-winning seasonal cocktails –

Perfect from brunch ’til dinner!

Like our food, all our drinks are seasonal, we try and champion small and sustainably produced ingredients. We aim to serve delicious, simple and fun cocktails priced sensibly.

Our wines taste of the land and passion of the winemakers, while our beers champion the local brewing culture.

Did you know? We’ve just been named 21st best cocktail bar in the UK!

Private Dining

Private Dining

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